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Livingston Pediatrics

When to call?

Livingston Pediatrics welcomes your questions and will address urgent problems immediately. You can expect physician calls after 3:00 P.M. to allow us to care for scheduled patients with a minimum of interruptions. 

After Hours Care and Emergencies:

In case of an after-hours emergency, call the regular office number, 732-246-7171. The answering service will have a Doctor call you back shortly to discuss your child’s problem. 

Livingston Pediatrics shares  weekend calls with another group of Pediatricians. If you have a sick child on a weekend morning, simply call the office and ask the nurse for a time to have the child seen. We limit these time slots to sick children. Saturday only .

We request that you restrict after-hours calls to emergencies or significant illnesses. For example, call us with emergencies such as:

bulletDifficulty breathing, 
bulletBleeding, seizures, 
bulletAcute injuries or poisonings,
bulletFever in infants and children,
bulletPersistent vomiting,
bulletAllergic reactions,
bullet Urgent medical problems.

When possible, call us before going to an emergency room. Your child's problem might be better handled in our office with less expense and more convenience to you. Some insurance plans require us to pre-approve certain urgent visits before they will pay the Emergency Room ( ER ) fees. We will help you choose the best treatment option. 
Prescriptions and Refills:

The staff of Livingston Pediatrics needs your child's medical record to make the appropriate decision on a request for a prescription refill. Prescription refills are not handled after hours. Our staff cannot phone in any prescription without the doctor ordering it. It is our general policy not to phone in antibiotic prescriptions. If your child is sick enough to require an antibiotic, he or she should first be examined.

Sick children are admitted to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and St.Peters Medical Center in New Brunswick and cared for by our pediatrician. The physician at Livingston Pediatrics see newborns at the following hospitals: 
Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.
St.Peters Medical Center.
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The information furnished by this website is of a general nature and is designed for informational purposes only.   Livingston Pediatrics recommends that you visit a qualified Health Care Professional for individual and personal attention.

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